Giora Yaron



Dr. Giora Yaron


Dr. Yaron has been a director of Amdocs since 2009 and is Chairman of the Technology and Innovation Committee. Dr. Yaron co-founded Itamar Medical Ltd., a publicly-traded medical technology company, and has been its cochairman since 1997 and since 2015, served as its chairman. Dr. Yaron provides consulting services to Itamar Medical and to various other technology companies. He co-founded P-cube, Pentacom, Qumranet, Exanet and Comsys, privately-held companies sold to multinational corporations. In 2009, Dr. Yaron also co-founded Qwilt, Inc., a privately-held video technology company and serves as one of its directors. Dr. Yaron served as a director of Hyperwise Security, a company focused on providing a comprehensive APT protection, which was sold to Checkpoint in early 2015, served as Chairman of the Board at Excelero (ExpressIO) until 2019, a company focused on providing ultra-fast block storage solution and Equalum focused on streaming in real-time changes from a variety of data bases to a unified platform for real-time Big Data Analytics. Dr. Yaron is an active investor in various companies including, Salto, Afforata, Vulcan Security, Aqua Security, CyberPion and ArgonSec. Dr. Yaron has served as the chairman of The Executive Council of Tel Aviv University an institution of higher education between 2010-2019 and a director of Ramot, which is the Tel Aviv University’s technology transfer company until 2015. Dr. Yaron has served on the advisory board of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Ltd., a developer of high-tech defense systems, since 2008, and on the advisory board of the Israeli Ministry of Defense since 2011. Dr. Yaron served from 1996 to 2006 as a member of the Board of Directors of Mercury Interactive, a publicly-traded IT optimization software company acquired by Hewlett-Packard, including as chairman from 2004 to 2006. We believe that Dr. Yaron’s qualifications to sit on our Board of Directors include his experience as an entrepreneur and the various leadership positions he has held on the boards of directors of software and technology companies.